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Hard Austerities
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As a child cries in intense agony for the mother and mother comes running for the child, so arose in her kirtan the agonising cry of her soul and instant was the loving response by the Lord of Lords Sri Guru Nanak Sahib and Mahan Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj.


One blessed day in April 1979, when my respected father emerged from his Prayer Room, after having remained in prayers and humble service of Sri Guru Granth Sahib for 5–6 hours, he asked us to make immediate preparations for leaving for Goindwal Sahib.

On my enquiring about the purpose of visiting the Holy Shrine, he disclosed that Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj desires that 101 Akhand Paths be recited in the Honour and Dignity of Sahib Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, in celebration of His forthcoming 500th Sacred Birth Anniversary in May 1979.

After reaching Goindwal Sahib, my father paid His Homage at the Holy Shrine and then to the Blessed Descendants of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji. Tears were flowing down his cheeks all the time and this in itself was a reflection of the pathetic condition of a true Lover of the Great Guru.

He thereafter made the offering of the requisite amount for 101 Akhand Paths to the worthy management for making necessary arrangements. They all were so much touched by his love and humility, that they could not restrain themselves from shedding tears of love.

They, however, expressed their inability to arrange so many Akhand Paths. They further explained that it was not possible for them to arrange simultaneous recitation of more than two to three Akhand Paths at one time. But they promised to do all their best and simultaneous recitation of eleven Akhand Paths was consequently started with great fervour.

Only 51 Akhand Paths could be completed by the target date. The balance of Akhand Paths were arranged and completed in Gurdwara Sahib, Model Town Phagwara. Three Bands were taken for the Sacred occasion, two were Police Bands—PAP Brass and Pipers Bands and one was Army Band. Father did everything saturated with the love of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. He performed every service at all the Historical Gurdwaras on behalf of his most Beloved Master Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. All Akhand Paths were recited in the befitting honour and sacred celebration of the All-Powerful, All-Merciful, All-Loving, Sahib Sri Guru Amar Das Ji on behalf of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. It was really a most wonderful and delightful sight of simultaneous Akhand Paths going on in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Salami was offered by father after the Bhog Ceremony of Akhand Paths. Devotional music was played by the bands for a long time. Bibi Bholan Rani and Bibi Ajit Kaur performed Holy Shabad Kirtan with the start of the most rapturous ‘dhuni’ of

“Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Teri Jai Hovey.”

With thousands of devotees around, it was a touching and angelic vision. It was a collective homage and salute to the Lord Guru Amar Das Ji. Everyone present experienced the Divine Presence of All-Powerful Sri Guru Amar Das Ji. Baba Narinder Singh Ji undertook hard austerities and numerous chalisas. Having invested his all in many hundreds of Akhand Paths and Sampat Akhand Paths, in the service of Mahan Baba Ji’s Sangat and the needy, he had once remarked:

“I have laid concrete foundations for you all in Dargah (SachKhand).”

It was actually an answer to a question, one of my brothers asked, feeling pained on all the earnings from land being spent on holy ventures. He little realised then that a rare blessed soul invests and consecrates his all at the Holy Feet of the Guru and then becomes the source of emancipation for all.

Complete winning over his beloved Baba Ji, his beloved Master and Lord was really far more difficult than more than a hundred most challenging deadly successful ‘encounters with notorious dacoits during his service.

He used to openly and publicly proclaim his deep debt to his Beloved Master in these touching words.


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Baba Narinder Singh Ji
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