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Far Above Body Consciousness
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As the sun never sets, so do the Nam Ras and Atam Prakash eternally shine in the heart of a true Gurmukh.


Gurmukh Antar Sehaj Hai
Man Charhia Daswey Aakash
Tithey Oongh Na Bhukh Hai
Har Amrit Naam Sukh Vaas
Nanak Dukh Sukh Viapat Nahi
Jithe Atam Ram Pargash

  Sri Guru Granth Sahib (1414)  
  Guru Amar Das Ji explains the spiritual stage of a Gurmukh blessed with Sehaj Avastha:  
  “Gurmukh enjoys total equipoise and tranquility within his heart which soars in the highest realms of Bliss.

There is no sleep and hunger in that state; one is totally immersed and established in the Bliss of the Nectar of Lord’s Nam.

Pain or pleasure dare not touch such a Gurmukh whose Atam (soul) ever is blooming with illumination.”


The soul of a true Saint, is deeply established in the Bliss of Immortal Nam, His Atam is fully aglow in the splendour of God and is permanently established in God. As God is not subject to sleep and hunger, so is the blessed Gurmukh established in Him (God), and as God is above the feelings of pain and pleasure, so is the blessed Gurmukh whose Atam is permanently aglow, alight with the splendour of the Lord.

Eternally established in the Lord a true and perfect saint has risen far above body conciousness and the human instincts of sleep and hunger, joy and sorrow; pleasure and pain dare not touch and disturb him. Baba Harnam Singh Ji Maharaj and Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj were so established in God from their very births.

Highest Bliss of Amrit Nam and Atam Prakash is in itself all satisfying, all-filling, all-consuming. There is no place or trace of sleep or hunger, sorrow or joy, pain or pleasure in this uniquely self sustaining Bliss.

The Bliss of Nam Ras, Atam Ras is self sustaining. Divine nourishment provided by this Bliss even to the physical body cannot be matched, even a fraction of it, by food and physical sleep and relaxation.

Such a Gurmukh has already crossed the mire of delusion. Maya can delude him no more. Veil of Maya stands lifted. True thirst of Nam Ras and True hunger of Atam Ras, True yearning of Prem Ras actually neutralises all the worldly hunger and worldly cravings.

The seekers of truth have to observe strict rules of food and sleep to sustain themselves. It may take a life-time or more lives to control the cravings of taste and sense of pleasure. Having suppressed these, these may continue to lurk, persist, remain hidden in mind and cause disturbance later. Only a Gurmukh, an aspirant with the Grace of Guru can overcome these cravings permanently and taste the Bliss of Nam Ras and Atam Ras.

Tranquility and serenity, the reflection of Sehaj and the glow of the Bliss of Nam Ras and Atam Ras on the holy face of a Gurmukh itself wipes out such worldly cravings from the minds of true aspirants. Such is the unique power of the Glow of Divinity on the holy faces of true saints.

Once that spiritual state has been attained, it never diminishes, nor does it leave the saint. This blissful immersion and awareness is perpetual, it shines eternally.

As the sun never sets, so do the Nam Ras and Atam Prakash eternally shine in the heart of a true Gurmukh.

A Gurmukh so drinking the Nam Ras and sailing in perpetual Atam Prakash is ever awake and a worldly person otherwise awake to perishable objects is actually asleep and spiritually dead.


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