from the chapter - Philosophy and Maryada

rdaas is the key note, the life-force of this Holy Maryada. No boons were sought, no prayer ever made for any material prosperity and material benefits. The whole Ardaas stands glorified in exclusive Prema Bhagti and devotion of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib. It was divine in content. No names, nothing worldly has ever been included in the Ardaas of Mahan Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. The vision of the Eternal Glory of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib flashed supreme there, and in the Mighty Ocean of Purity, Maya in any form of worldliness dare not enter the place.

The whole Maryada is rooted in desirelessness. True devotion is transparent in every aspect of this flawless Maryada. Spirit of desirelessness pervades every activity.

  Vin Tudh Hor Je Mangna
Sir Dukhan De Dukh
De Nam Santokhia
Utre Man Ki Bhukh
  Sri Guru Granth Sahib (958)  
  Sewa Karat Hoi Nehkami
Tis Ko Hot Prapat Swami
  Sri Guru Granth Sahib (286)  

Selfless, motiveless, true service facilitates attainment of God.

Service, adoration, love and worship of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was done in a true spirit of total desirelessness.

It was in this purest of the pure atmosphere of total desirelessness, of total absence of worldliness that taste of Immortal Bliss was an experienced reality for everyone.

Nishkam Service, Nishkam Nam Simran, Nishkam Kirtan, Nishkam Akhand Paths and Sampat Akhand Paths, Nishkam Ardaas, was the essence of the whole Maryada. Everything was utterly Nirol and Nirmal. There was not the least taint of selfishness, there was no trace of worldliness in this purest of the pure Maryada. Such was the kingdom of God brought down on earth by Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj.

  Eh Sach Da Rasta Hai Es Ute Jhooth Nahin Tur Sakda  
  Baba Narinder Singh Ji  

This is the Path of Truth. Falsehood cannot tread this Path. This is the Path of Purity, Impurity dare not walk on it.


This Maryada radiates pristine purity and no worldliness dare touch and defile it.


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taken from the chapter - Philosophy and Maryada

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