from the chapter - Philosophy and Maryada

ntense faith in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and cultivation of humble loving service, love, adoration and worship of Sri Guru Granth Sahib constituted the very life and heart of this Holy Maryada, tradition and culture.

There were no lodging, housing, catering arrangements. Transportation used to be a major problem to physically reach Him. There were no comforts and luxuries available. These were mere trifles and had no value, no place in the holy dwelling, camping spots of Mahan Babaji. Total non-involvement was the hallmark of His life.

Even as tender child, He was exclusively dependent on Sri Guru Nanak Sahib. He lived every breath of his life in the love and grace of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib. He was totally non-dependent on anything called worldly.

The world has not witnessed a sage so rich in desirelessness, so rich in non-possessiveness, so rich in total non-involvement in anything called worldly. And the Divine Maryada established by Him was the richest in these divine excellences. In His Divine Maryada, there is some vital uniqueness in His approach to our Lord Guru Nanak. He leads us to the highest dimensions of Prema Bhagti, of true love and devotion.

This unique Maryada was pure Prema Bhagti, true unconditional devotion, true love without the least taint of any selfish motive.


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taken from the chapter - Philosophy and Maryada

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