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Tyag Personified -
Never Permitted any Publicity and Praise
Babaji had renunciated everything so much so that He also renounced renunciation itself.


e once said - “As bees flock to the blooming flower on their own without any invitation and as the insects (parwanas) flock to the light on their own, Light - Eternal of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib in itself is the greatest attraction for the yearning souls to flock to. There is no need for any publicity, letters, intimation and so on.”

He shunned all publicity; he never permitted it. He seldom visited or stayed in a city or in a house. He never permitted anything to be written on him, nor did He allow any shabad in praise of a saint to be sung in his presence. He allowed no cooking, no construction. He was essentially a faqir possessing nothing but Love and depending on none but the Almighty. And millions worship Him all over the globe, today.

One highly learned and qualified professor once sought Babaji's permission to write a book on Babaji's life. Babaji declined, smiled and replied, “A superficial biography means nothing. Baba Farid spent a long span of twelve years in a well, yearning for God. A historian could only record the long period of twelve years spent in a forsaken well in a jungle being otherwise completely ignorant and unaware of the spiritual experiences Baba Farid underwent during that hard penance.”

His self effacement was total. He neither permitted anyone to write about Him, nor to photograph Him. He once remarked :


Twareekhaan Murdian Dian Bandian Han
Gurmukh Sada Jioonday Rehandey Han

  Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj  
  History is written on the dead. Gurmukhs perpetually live; they live through eternity.  


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