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Man toon Jot Swaroop Hain Apna Mool Pachhaan
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Nimrata, Humility is the Divine Flavour, the most wonderful fragrance of the Lotus Feet of Lord Guru Nanak.

Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj



True identity of the mind does not rest with the body. ‘I am the body’ is a wrong notion of the mind. Its true identity lies with the Atam - with the JOT. It is a reflection of the Jot and that is its true identity. Mind derives its Light from the source which is JOT.

Spark of the JOT is aflame, aglow in the mind and that is why and how the mind becomes alive, active. It derives its life from the Divine and Holy Flame (JOT).

A pure mind finds its resting place in the Jot - the Atam where no cluttering, no chirping of a normal mind can cause any disturbance. It loses its own identity in the Divine silence and Bliss of Atam - JOT.


Janam Janam Ki Is Man Ko Mal Lagi
Kala Hoa Syah

  Sri Guru Granth Sahib (651)  

Unless thick black coating of mind with numerous sins of this birth and of previous births is washed away wholesale, how can it behold and reflect the true glory of the Atam - the JOT. Once the thick black layers are washed away, mind becomes transparent and starts reflecting the JOT. It becomes tranquil and like a spotless and tranquil mirror reflects the splendour of the “JOT”. It becomes “JOT SWAROOP”.


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